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Reliable Copier Solution

Machinery can break up at any moment, and it is necessary to get photocopy machine repair service from an expert service provider. At Optimus Business Solutions, you will not only find a copier for rental but after-sales service maintenance and support too. Get high-quality and reliable services from our rapid response team to reach out to you within the stipulated time. Get in touch with our trained technicians to get the photocopying machine repair service or consult your queries with our help desk.

Professional Copier Repair Service

Optimus Business Solutions render copier repair service to small and mid-sized businesses across Malaysia. We cater to our clients’ repair and maintenance demands quickly to help them keep their business running. You can get speedy and professionally efficient services at a cost-effective price. We also provide a warranty scheme to our clients that are the same as the new copier. Even you can avail of free one-to-one replacement of the Photostat machine within the warranty period.

Our trained and certified professionals render photocopying machine repair service to the businesses on business days. Until now, we have served more than a thousand small and mid-sized industries. We have less turnaround time for repairs and maintenance, and our uptime is high to keep up with your services and repair. But, whatsoever the situation is, we will keep your equipment running in an optimal condition.

professional copier repair service

Get Proactive Copier Repair

To keep your business running, the copier is your best investment. Get the copier repair service from our experienced and trained professionals at cost-effective rates. Our photocopy machine repair service includes:

no costly downtime

No Costly Downtime

We encourage our clients to get our trained experts’ timely maintenance and repair services. It will help the copier to run smoothly and will not hamper your business. Our highly trained technicians can even come to your place if the minor problem is sorted out.


After-Sales Service Support

The after-sales service support works wonders for businesses, as they do not have to find a new technician if the machinery breaks down. Our team is always ready to support you. We troubleshoot your problem and do not let your workflow get hampered.


Warranty Scheme

Our warranties are similar to new copier machines. We also offer a free one-to-one replacement warranty for your products. Call to understand more about the warranty scheme that offer to customers for every rental service that engaged with us.


Increased Productivity

Our experts will get your photocopying machine in running condition. We will not interfere with your daily chores while fixing the copier. After repairs, the copier will work smoothly like the first time you rented it. This helps to save the cost of the operation in your company.

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