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Variety of Rental Options

At Optimus Business Solutions, we have been in the business for the last 10 years and provide refurbished copiers from top-notch brands on rental. You can choose the photocopying and multifunction machines from Canon, Fuji, and Ricoh. All our machines are premium imported and possess Grade A parts and accessories. We provide photocopy machine rental Selangor at affordable prices.

Get Brand New Refurbished Photocopier Rental

Choose the refurbished copier from the brands you like with premium quality parts and no cheap products. We provide photocopy machine rental Malaysia services to small and mid-sized businesses based in the local community regions in Selangor. We focus on developing a sustainable economy by helping the environment and businesses alike. The photocopy machines sold out are in brand new condition and have a good lifespan too.

By getting the photocopier rental Malaysia, you are solving the problem of environment and funds that most small and mid-sized businesses face. We got some great reviews from the customers. We have a dedicated after-sales service support team that will keep your machine in workable mode. These rental copiers are an excellent option for people with low printing volume and looking forward to affordable copiers.

photocopy machine rental malaysia
photocopy machine rental selangor

How We Make Buying Process Easier

Our businesses based in Selangor, hence, you can get the photocopy machine rental Selangor services from us at a competitive price. Buying the copier machine is relatively easy from us. Firstly, call our representatives to tell us your requirements or printing needs. Once you already identify the objective of getting a photocopy machine, choose from the best quality photocopier for rental from the brands and models that offer by us. Next, pay the rental according to the plan chosen and you are ready to get your photocopy machine rental Malaysia. For any maintenance or after-sales support, do not hesitate to reach us out again as this is also part of the service that we offer to all of our customers,

Get Proactive Copier Rental

Apart from this, our company is also committed to providing the best remote troubleshooting services for your refurbished or brand new equipment. Even you get a flexible financial program according to your business requirement. It includes:

Outright Purchase

Outright Purchase

If you are not interested in photocopier rental Malaysia, you can always buy the brand new Canon, Fuji, or Ricoh copier from us. We sell them in top-notch condition.

long term plans

Long/Short Term Rental Plans

You can get the refurbished copiers on a short-term rental or long-term according to your business needs. Get the rental plans customized by talking to our experts

owning photocopier

From Renting To Owning

If you like any refurbished photocopiers or even a brand new one, you can rent it out first. After satisfaction, you can even own it later on.

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