The photocopying machine or the copier is one of the productive and expensive investments that businesses deal in printing solutions. You can purchase the copier from the local dealers that deal in brands like Canon, Fuji Xerox, and Ricoh. However, to increase the lifespan of your copier, you need to opt for photocopy machine maintenance. Getting the photocopy machine maintained well will help to keep off the dust and dirt away. Even there will be no scratches on the copier that can ruin the functioning of the photocopy machine.
The better you will treat your copier, the better product you will receive from it. Let us now see a few pointers that will help you know how to maintain a photocopier machine?


If your business is entirely based on providing printing solutions, it is necessary to keep your photocopy machine in its right shape. Regular maintenance will keep the bill of thousands of dollars at bay that may otherwise pop up because of repairs attracted on top-notch brands. Read on below to know how to maintain a photocopier machine?

1) Use of Quality Products

When using a photocopier, it is essential to use high-quality paper to avoid internal paper shavings and dust inside the printer. Moreover, papers must be stored in a dry place, should not be wet, and never forced into the copier’s tray.

2) Always Go through the Instruction Manual

You must always read the instruction manual before working on the Photostat machine. Every copier model has some individual tasks and modes, so a manual will make the work easier. The manual for the Canon machine can be different from that of the Fuji Xerox. A handy manual will keep the copier working and will not cause any breaking in the services or jams while printing the paper.

3) Use Soft Lint-Free Cloth for Cleaning

The user must keep the glass scanner area clean to avoid dust, dirt, and scratches. Use only glass cleaners meant for this purpose with the soft-lint-free cloth on your copier’s scanner. Moreover, the glass cleaners must be fit for the respective brand. Therefore, before cleaning the photocopy machine glass read the manual.

4) Using the Right Toner

For photocopy machine maintenance, use the right copier toner that will vary in quality and viscosity according to the machine you are using. It is mandatory to purchase the top-quality toner that works best for your copier and not the one that is right for your pocket only. You can take the best and hassle-free branded toners for the Photostat machine from a reputed company like Optimus Business Solutions. They sell refurbished copiers and brand new ones too.

5) Schedule Monthly Maintenance

You can purchase a refurbished copier or a brand new one, but regular maintenance is necessary. Most manufacturers and suppliers provide a package for maintenance and remote troubleshooting services too. You can contact the service provider for periodic maintenance and increase the lifespan of your photocopy machine.

6) Ink Cartridge Is Necessary

The internal parts of the copier are as crucial as the outer parts, like the glass scanner and tray. You must clean the debris from inside and look up the ink cartridge head also. If you find any grime or dust, clean it with a soft cotton pad that will help maintain the cleanliness of the ink cartridge. You can get the ink cartridge removed and install a new one in case of problems.


A photocopier machine is a necessity at the workplace or for the businesses providing printing solutions. So, it is significant to maintain it and get the parts removed or repaired that are giving problems. You can book an appointment with Optimus Business Solutions experts to gently get your copier’s servicing done.

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